The Escort Business; Is It Legal?

Escorts, also known as call girls or paid companions are women who have sexual intercourse with people for money. Not only do woman have sexual intercourse with people for money, they act as a companion for people. They don’t often advertise their services to the public by walking the streets; they use methods such as online ads or ads in magazines. Escorts/adult also may be employed by an escort agency that arranges meetings for them in order for them, and their employees, to make money. There are men escorts that exist, but it is much more common for females to be escorts than men.

What Are Their Services?

There are two main types of escort services that escorts provide. The first type of service is an outcall service. This is where the escort goes to the client in order to complete whatever it is they are being paid for. The second type is in call services that involve the client coming to the escort for their services. For example, if the escort was traveling to a customer’s house for a night in, that would be an outcall, but if a customer was going to an escorts house, or meeting spot such as a hotel, it would be an in call service.

As stated above, escorts have sexual intercourse with others in exchange for money. Not only do their service includes sexual intercourse, they also include a variety of other sex related activities. These can include oral sex, dominatrix, and role-playing, make out sessions, and more.

Many people believe that the only services escorts offer are of sexual nature; escorts also perform nonsexual activities with their customers. These services may include attending a function with a customer, going on dates, accompanying them to events they are interested in such as concerts or sports events, and more. These services may or may not turn into sexual activities.

Is This Business Legal?

A variety of places around the world have different laws relating to escort services and businesses. In Canada, being an escort is legal, but there is a wide range of laws within escorting that are illegal. This includes running an escort business, advertising the sale of others’ sexual services, and purchasing sexual services. Although escort services are legal in Canada, they are illegal in all 50 states in the United States. Although it is illegal, they are many women who take part in escort services in the United States. For locations, such as Germany, Austria, Greece, and Netherlands, escorting services are legal and regulated. In Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, there is actually a district filled with sexual services such as escorts, brothels, etc.

Agencies That Protect Escorts’ Rights

There are a variety of agencies that protect the rights of escorts in cases where they are sexually or emotionally violated. Not only are their agencies that do this, there are laws that do this. Federal governments have basic victims’ rights; this applies to both escort victims and victims who are not escorts. Aside from victims’ rights, the government also protects the rights of escorts by governing certain acts that specifically state rights. An example, from Canada, is the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. This is an act that was created in order to make the escorts and other sex workers safer.

Agencies and groups exists that protect the rights of escorts when it comes to them being sexually/emotionally violated. These groups advocate on behalf of escorts and their rights and petition with the government and other individuals on things that need to change in order to provide the women with more, or better, rights. Some specific examples of escort rights activist groups include the Canadian Aids Society and Native Women’s Resource Centre. Other types of agencies that protect the rights of escorts include sexual assault centers, woman rights activist groups, and victim services organizations.

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